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How to remove read lock files

From: Rebecca . R . Hepper
Subject: How to remove read lock files
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:03:55 -0600

Hello All,

I am running cvs-1.11-3 on a RedHat Linux 7.1 system.  The cvs server is on
a remote machine.  When I try to commit a file, I get a message that says:
"cvs server:  waiting for pubcvs's lock in /usr/local/cvsroot/mydir".
pubcvs is a user on the cvs server.

On the cvs server in mydir there are three read lock files (
#cvs.rfl.Compaq1.12069,  #cvs.rfl.Compaq1.12073,  #cvs.rfl.Compaq1.12137)
that are owned by pubcvs and have privileges of 666.  As root, I do a 'rm
-f'.  I do not get any errors message but the files do not get deleted.  I
also tried to delete the pids (12069 etc) but they are not current

How do I remove these read locks?

Thanks for the help in advance!!

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