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Extra linefeeds on NT

From: Helliwell, Matthew
Subject: Extra linefeeds on NT
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:03:05 -0000

I've just been installed cvs on a cohorts NT PC. Viewing the resulting files
in kawa or xemacs shows an extra blank line inserted between each line.
Having a look at the files in vi (from cygwin) shows each line end in ^M^M

I can check out the files fine on my W2K PC or the a unix box where the
respository resides. Anybody any ideas?

cvs version on the client is 1.11.1p1
cvs root is set to :server:address@hidden:/cvsroot/project
cvs_server is set to /opt/cvs/bin/cvs

cvs version on the Solaris server is 1.11

Anybody any ideas what to look for?



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