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RE: CVS newbie seeks advice on tag management

From: Daniels, David
Subject: RE: CVS newbie seeks advice on tag management
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:21:50 -0600

>> 4)Next- develop the Live-02 scripts, test, run at client.  When ready to
>> tag:
>> cvs tag Live-02 010-add_menu_options.sql 020-create_table.sql
>> 030-alter_stored_proc.sql 040-delete_old_menus.sql
>This is where I'm having problems.  I create the new files but cannot add 
>them to the repository.  I get the message 

>       "Cannot add file on non-branch tag Live-02"

>Thanks so far, just can't get beyond this part :(

Looks like you're trying to add a file to a tag, not a branch. While in some
cases they can be used interchangeably, conceptually they're different. A
tag just identifies the state of the given files at a certain time, while a
branch is a separate working "copy" (in quotes because it's not a literal


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