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RE: Individual Files

From: Vishal Jain
Subject: RE: Individual Files
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 14:31:10 -0500

Well, I assume that if someone needs to checkout only one file due to some
reason, they sure will modify it and check in back to CVS. This command "cvs
co -r <tag> <ProjectName>/filepath/filename" will create the whole directory
structure that will help later to commit changes or releasing the code. In
case user want to check this file out to add to some other project they can
copy this file from the directory structure that is created and then execute
"cvs release -d <ProjectName>" to delete that directory.

Now thing is that I am a Unix guy and have no idea about wincvs. Josh needs
a solution for wincvs, but I guess that this should work fine from command
line, if wincvs has any command line interface.( I never had a look at
wincvs so please forgive me if I mistook for something else)

Vishal Jain
ILX Systems
New York, NY

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Subject: RE: Individual Files

[ On Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 13:30:55 (-0500), Vishal Jain wrote: ]
> Subject: RE: Individual Files
> Very Easy, Use following command
> cvs co -r <tag> <ProjectName>/filepath/filename

Well, yes of course.  That'll work just fine, but it creates 'filepath'
in which to do the checkout.

In my other reply to this thread I made the dangerous assumption that
the desire was to check out the file into the current directory.

                                                                Greg A.

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