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Re: CVS newbie seeks advice on tag management, SOLUTION!

From: Doug Poland
Subject: Re: CVS newbie seeks advice on tag management, SOLUTION!
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 14:03:07 -0600
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> dictated by client needs.  For example, I may have the
> following files for my "Live-01" release:
>       010-create_stored_proc.sql
>       020-alter_table.sql
>       030-delete_orphans.sql
> Some weeks later, I have more to do on the project and
> it turns out that I need the following scripts (Let's call
> it Live-02):
>       010-add_menu_options.sql
>       020-create_table.sql
>       030-alter_stored_proc.sql
>       040-delete_old_menus.sql
The problem I was having was adding new files after I tagged a 
branch.  I kept getting the message "cannot add file on non-branch tag ..."

After reading George's reply, re-reading the man page and doing
some experimenting on a test repository I think I've figured out
what I need to do (although I cannot really explain why)

Assuming a repository name of Acme-sql

1.  Create the repository (cvs import Acme-sql vt rt)

2.  Create the files, add them (cvs add) to the repository, 
modify and commit as needed.

3.  Tag the files (cvs tag live-01) with my release numbering scheme

4.  Release my repository (cvs release Acme-sql) 
(I'm not sure if this is necessary)

5.  Create my next batch of files and (here's the key) use the import
command instead of add and use my new release tag 
(cvs import Acme-sql vt live-02)

6.  Change files and commit as necessary

7.  Retag the repository and move tags to the head. i.e.,
(cvs rtag -F live-02 Acme-sql)

Repeat steps 4-7 as necessary.  Probably not rocket science for
you veterans but was not obivous from man pages or from various
list groups and docs on


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