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Re: *BSD use of branch point tags w/ CVS

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: *BSD use of branch point tags w/ CVS
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 15:44:33 -0800

Tracking branch points makes it easier to fold changes from branches back
into ancestor branches.  By identifying a common ancestor (the branch point)
in addition to a contributor (e.g. a maintenance branch) and a target (e.g.
the HEAD), a 3-way merge is done by "cvs update -jbranchPoint -jbranch".
This usually turns out to be easier and better than what you get by
supplying a single -j option with the branch.

>--- Forwarded mail from address@hidden

>From reading some of the docs about NetBSD's and FreeBSD's
>release processes, I have noticed that they both use what
>FreeBSD calls "branch point" tags. Not having a lot of
>experience with CVS, I don't quite understand what problem
>is solved by doing this. The FreeBSD release docs claim
>that it is impossible to diff against the start of a branch
>w/o a branch point tag in place.

>The process appears to look something like this:

>       1. Create branch point tag

>               cvs rtag <tag>_BP src

>       2. Create the actual branch

>               cvs rtag -b -r<tag>_BP <tag> src

>Is this an old CVS quirk that has been fixed, or does this
>problem still exist? What _exactly_ is the problem? An
>example or ideas on how I could reproduce the problem in my
>own CVS environment would be welcome.

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