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Merging Between Branches

From: Jake Colman
Subject: Merging Between Branches
Date: 28 Feb 2002 07:30:42 -0500
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We use multiple project branches to seperate the development of new
enhancements to our core product.  We use a release branch to create a final
release of a pareticular version of our product; it contains whichever
project branches are deemed shippable.  As project branches stabilize, we
merge the project branch to the trunk.  Project branches and release branches
are always cut from the trunk.

The process of managing the merges from a project branch to the trunk and
then pushing those changes down from the trunk to all other live project
branches is one that is well understood by us.  We use tags to mark the
various merge points and can always 'update -j -j' between tags to merge
changes into the trunk or to bring changes down from the trunk.

We now have a situation where the changes from one project branch have to be
brought into other project branches but cannot be brought (yet) to the
trunk.  This is because these changes are not intended for the next release
and the next release branch is not yet ready to be cut from thr trunk.
Therefore, I cannot "pollute" the trunk with my changes.  Is there anything
special or different about merging between branches as opposed to merging via
the trunk?



Jake Colman                     

Principia Partners LLC                  Phone: (201) 946-0300
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902 Plaza Two                          E-mail: address@hidden
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