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Re: Extra linefeeds on NT

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Extra linefeeds on NT
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:37:52 -0500 (EST)

Helliwell, Matthew writes:
> Well to answer my own question it looks like it was a problem moving from
> 1.11 to 1.11.1p1.
> The files were created in the respository using a 1.11 client using a
> CVSROOT of :ext:address@hidden:/cvsroot/project (and the cygwin rsh). Checking
> out with a 1.11 client again, everything is ok. Checking out with the new
> 1.11.p1 client and the extra ^M appears.

My guess is that your 1.11 client was compiled against cygwin and thus
assumes (incorrectly, in this case) that text files have lines that end
only with <LF> rather than <CR><LF>, whereas your new 1.11.1p1 client
was *not* compiled against cygwin and thus (correctly) assumes text
file lines end with <CR><LF>.  The net result is that the files in your
repository are screwed up (they have <CR>s at the end of every line as
part of the actual data rather than as part of the line terminator) and
should be fixed.  And you should quit mixing and matching line endings
on a single platform by using cygwin in Unix mode along with normal
Windows tools.

-Larry Jones

When you're SERIOUS about having fun, it's not much fun at all! -- Calvin

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