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Exclusions while tagging

From: Ben Baker
Subject: Exclusions while tagging
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 13:28:38 -0700

We have encountered an interesting problem to which I hope there is a
solution.  In our CVS repository there are a large amount of media files in
modules that are sub-modules of the main distribution module.  Here's an
example (greatly simplified).

          -media        // Here's the media.  It's embedded within the dist

I know we can define alias modules to check out everything on the dist tree
excluding the media module.  However, it would also help our build process a
great deal to be able to tag or rtag everything on dist except the media
module.  rtag seems to just ignore any excluded modules, and tag attempts to
find directories beginning with a '!' because it assumes they are valid
paths as well, so it doesn't seem like this is possible.  Does anyone know a
solution to this problem or whether there really isn't one (besides moving
the media outside the dist tree).


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