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Major cvs surgery, need suggestions

From: David A. Desrosiers
Subject: Major cvs surgery, need suggestions
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 04:19:41 GMT
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I'm in the process of making a release of a pretty popular GNU package,
and need to restructure the directories in the package itself a bit.
Basically the toplevel directory has accumulated some source files (*.c,
*.cc) and there are some other changes, but my question is this..

        As I move *.c to src/*.c, how do I preserve the history of each file as
it's moved? If I simply do:

        mkdir src/
        cvs add src
        mv foo.c src/foo.c
        cvs remove -f foo.c
        cvs add src/foo.c
        cvs commit

        foo.c in the top level is 1.46, but when moved and added, it gets
version 1.1 (logically). How do I preserve the history of the changes made
to this file to date, so I can do a 'cvs log' on it and get the full

        I'm also moving directories around, but if I can solve the above, 90% of
the major surgery is complete.


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