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Merging multiple vendor branches

From: Danial
Subject: Merging multiple vendor branches
Date: 1 Apr 2002 10:47:58 -0800

Hi, I'm trying to merge a tree into a branch but am having some

First of all, I have an already existing tree called X which I want to
merge into Branch_X.  (See diagram below) The developers will commit
their code in X and I will do the merges into Branch_X.

"Main" is a new tree which I have created and contains the basic code.
 X has the same basic structure but has a lot of modified code and new
files, etc.

   X                    \       

This is what I tried to do but it will not work:

First, I imported the two trees using the multiple vendor importing
method (Section 13.6 of the Cederqvist manual):

cvs import -m "Main tree" MainTree MainVendor MainRelease_0
cvs import -m "X tree" MainTree -b 1.1.3 XVendor XRelease_0

Tagged the root of the Main tree as A:

cvs co MainTree
cvs tag A MainTree

Created a branch Branch_X and checked it out:

cvs rtag -b  -r A  Branch_X MainTree
cvs co  -d BranchDir  -r Branch_X   MainTree

Checked out the X tree and tagged it:

cvs co -r 1.1.3 MainTree
cvs tag X MainTree

Now in the Branch_X directory, I tried to merge it with the X tree:

cvs update -j X

But I got the following error:  "cvs [server aborted]: no such tag X

What am I doing wrong here, or is there another possible method of
merging X with Branch_X?


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