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Re: CVS and Release Management

From: Lee Sau Dan
Subject: Re: CVS and Release Management
Date: 02 Apr 2002 08:48:51 +0200
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>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Riechers <address@hidden> writes:

    Matt> Tony Schoenbachler wrote:
    >>  I've browsed the documentation at and I don't
    >> see any direct examples of how to label a software release.

    Matt> Use tags:
    Matt> <>

And  don't forget  that you  can always  checkout and  export  by date
(using the "-D"  flag).  I've never tried this  with 'rtag', but maybe
it works.  This  is a very useful feature in case  you didn't tag some
working version  for some  reason, and in  case you can  remember when
this was.  :)

Of course, using  tags is a better approach.   It's just too difficult
to  remember the  date  the  software is  released,  unless you  chose
special dates  (e.g. 1st  January, the April  Fool Day, etc.)  for the

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