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Is there any way to share the working directory

From: mail_hari
Subject: Is there any way to share the working directory
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 06:48:42 -0000
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Our team is using CVS for version control. We three people are 
working as a subset of the whole team as a separate project. We would 
like to share the working directory with a checked out version of 
code. We should be able to edit the files checked out using our own 
userids. Also all of us want to commit the work done. Since three of 
us are working on three different areas there is very little chance 
we three will step on ech other. When I tried this it is very 
difficult for second user to edit or commit, if first one checked out 
the files to the common working directory.

To make it clear, in sccs we all could use the same directory as the 
working directory. sccs edit will make a component editable, sccs 
delget will check it in. There was no issues with ownership. Is there 
something that is possible in CVS?

-- Hari

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