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cvs rdiff problems

From: Peer Klercke
Subject: cvs rdiff problems
Date: 03 Apr 2002 13:08:25 GMT


I'm using 'cvs rdiff -tu modulename/file' to generate a diff between the
two latest versions. This works like a charm on e.g. CVSROOT/loginfo, but
if I try it on a "normal" file, e.g. myproject/tst.c I get :

address@hidden:$ cvs rdiff -tu myproject/tst.c
cvs rdiff: could not read RCS file for myproject/tst.c

What's up with that? I've tried a lot of different ways of specifying the
modulename and file but I always end here..

Peer Klercke <peer(a)>
I represent myself.

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