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cvs import showed up on trunk for modified file??

From: JSo
Subject: cvs import showed up on trunk for modified file??
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 03:23:04 GMT


I don't work with cvs import a lot and I am seeing this "strange scenario"

I have 1.11.1.p1 on Linux.

I created a vendor branch yesterday, and I did a cvs import on the same
vendor branch the second time with some changes (new and modified files).  I
was expecting to see the changes on the vendor branch only.   To
my surprise, when I checked out from the trunk, I got the latest change.  Is
that normal please?


I imported a libabc.a file (a binary file) yesterday, it got revisions 1.1
and  Normal.
I received a patch from the vendor, I imported that to the same branch
(1.1.1), with a different release tag, and it got revision
Expected.  Note, the head is still 1.1 and revision history shows that the
revision was created yesterday.

I was thinking I needed to update the trunk as well (because I think what
was done on the branch stays on the branch always).  So I tried to check
that in to the trunk, but cvs didn't recognize the change.

Now I checked out v1.1.1.1, and compare that with a newly checked out v1.1,
and find that the 2 files are different.  v1.1 is the same as v1.1.1.2
instead.  Big surprise for me.

Another small surprise about the second import is the showing up of the
newly imported file via an existing vendor branch on the trunk.  But I guess
that's the algorithm for import - every item gets its and 1.1 at the
same time regardless of whether it's the initial import?

Then I thought... oh... maybe cvs will populate the trunk "secretly and"
automatically if
1) the imported file is a brand new file
2) the HEAD has the same content as the revision before the import

If you know for sure what happened, please let me know?

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