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Re: Question on multiple repositories

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: Question on multiple repositories
Date: 3 Apr 2002 23:39:52 -0500

In <address@hidden> "Max" <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm brand new at the CVS game and have no senior resource available at
>work, so I'm hoping that I can get some help here.

> The specs I was handed at the office call for an open development
>repository and a secure QA/production repository.  Once developers finish
>their stuff, a baseline is made and the code is replicated to the QA
>repository.  This is the step where I'm having a problem.

Complicated.  Call it a formal release from dev to QA:   cvs export
from dev, cvs import in QA.  At the same time, dev creates a bugfix
branch and checks out a sandbox on it.  When QA fixes a bug, it
sends a patch to dev, who applies it to the bugfix sandbox, commits,
and merges back to the trunk.

> I'm hesitant to use "import" because (as I understand it) this command will
>club the previous versions under the same name (down the road).

That's what you have to do, though.  The QA people will just have to
learn how to do pre-import tags and post-import merges.  It's a lot more
trouble for them too, but those are the consequences of the rules
imposed on you.

Note that an import doesn't destroy previous imports.  It can break
the trunk until the post-import merge is finished, but past imports
are always available through their tags.

Faint glimmer of hope:  what do they mean by "secure QA"?  If
"secure" really means secure, you're in the import/export business
and that's that.  If "secure" only means "commits to QA tress are
restricted", then you *might* get away with commitinfo scripts that
reject commits by developers when on a QA branch.  Understand that
this is not "secure" at all, in that a developer determined to
break company rules can probably defeat the system.  It will only
prevent casual or inadvertent commits.  If acceptable, this would
be *much* better for all:  a single repository, dev releases to QA
simply by creating a tag, QA creates and manages the bugfix branch,
dev  merges directly from the branch to the trunk.

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