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RE: CVS and Clearcase

From: Daniels, David F
Subject: RE: CVS and Clearcase
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 07:21:27 -0600

I would say no, this is not possible. To start with, the two tools use
different methods of versioning. There are a whole host of other reasons why
this is a bad idea. My first question is why do you want to have a
duplicated repository? You may be trying to solve the wrong problem.


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From: Nitin Dube [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 1:14 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: CVS and Clearcase

I have a repository in Clearcase and I have to setup another one in CVS. I
want the both the repositories to be in sync with each other. 
First of all is it possible and if so how can this be done.

Thanks and regards,
Nitin Dube

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