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Re: Problems using CVS transparently

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: Problems using CVS transparently
Date: 4 Apr 2002 22:36:27 -0500

In <address@hidden> Sonam Chauhan <address@hidden> writes:

>The proprietary IDE (something called 'webMethods B2B'), though
>lacking version control, has a inbuilt release mechanism. It zips
>up release directories in the working set. These ZIP files are then
>distributed to other servers. Hence we end up with CVS directories
>in 'live' servers. This takes us far far away from 'support land'
>and also may cause complications with the software's  internal

Can you intercept the .zip files and launder them?  My zip man page

        zip -d foo foo/tom/junk foo/harry/\* \*.o

    will  remove  [from] the  entry  foo/tom/junk,
    all of the files that start with foo/harry/, and  all
    of  the files  that  end  with .o (in any path).

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