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WinCvs question

From: Quentin Smit
Subject: WinCvs question
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 13:30:26 +0100

Hi there.

I hope I am sending this to the correct address..

I have downloaded the 'stable' version of WinCvs (1.2) and I'm trying to
get it to work.  I have managed to get it to start but I need some guidance
on what I need to do to run in NT mode, to call it that.  The server I am
installing it on does not and will not have either linux or unix installed
so I need to bypass all the linux/unix issues like password
authentification and so on.

Added to this, can you please give me some info on the client/server setup
and what I would need to do to enable others (who I would assume to use
client software) to log onto the server.

I am not a systems administrator hence this isn't my type of work but it's
something I was asked to do and I am keen to learn more in this regard.

Thanks in advance
Quentin Smit

American Management Systems
The Netherlands

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