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Re: commitinfo - information about committed files

From: Thomas S. Urban
Subject: Re: commitinfo - information about committed files
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 07:07:56 -0800
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On Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 13:27:51 +0100, Moray B. Grieve sent 0.7K bytes:
> When I modify the commitinfo file to perform a check prior to a commit
> matching a regular expression, what information about the file can I
> obtain from the program executed?
> As far as I can see all that is passed into the executable is the
> location of the directory, and a list of files being committed. Can I 
> a) find out what branch the file is being checked into
> b) modify the contents of the file before the commit 

As far as a) goes, the commitinfo isn't given the command directly, but
you may be able to determine the information you want by 1) looking at
the corresponding RCS file, or 2) - more sophisticated platformat
specific things like looking at your process tree / parent command line,

b) was recently the subject of a trhead here - search for "enforced code
beautification".  Short answer: commitinfo file modification  possible,
though probably not advisable because of potential to cause yourself
problems. If you are going to do it, there are things you can do to make
minimize your risks.  See the thread or ask me if you have questions.


Ask not for whom the Bell tolls, and you will pay only the station-to-station
                -- Howard Kandel

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