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Re: Symbolic tag information after a 'cvs release'

From: Sonam Chauhan
Subject: Re: Symbolic tag information after a 'cvs release'
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 17:30:08 +1000
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>>Have you heard of a CVS variable ( called, say, "$tag$" ? :) that holds the 
>>if any, assigned to the the main branch.
> Ah, I see now what you're asking for.
> Once you've tagged your release, you should create a copy of it with the
> "cvs export" command, probably with the '-kv' option (in addition to, of
> course, the '-r RELEASE-TAG' option).

Thanks a lot Greg. That worked! And it was just what we needed.

Sorry for the  "release v/s export" confusion.


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