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WinCVS to Unix repository

From: thangs
Subject: WinCVS to Unix repository
Date: 8 Apr 2002 05:06:15 -0700

Hello all,
I'm new to this CVS stuff . I have installed the CVS1.11.1 on
Sun-Sparc  m/c running solaris.And after this do i have to start the
CVS server or can i use it as it is ?

2. On the client side i have a Win 2K m/c and i have insatlled WinCVS
1.3 there .I have modified the .rhosts file for my user account and
also teh Hosts.equiv file for logging in from the windows m/c . From
the cmd prompt i can do rsh like this :

 rsh 172.*.*.* -l nirmal ls ( or some command here ).

and my WinCVS configuration is like this ....
 Authentication :   rhosts
 path           :   /sample
 host address   :   172.*.*.*
 username       :   nirmal 
 CVSROOT        :   address@hidden:/sample

but when i tried to click on the create new repository label it gives
an error
cvs [init aborted]: Connection to server failed

i'm not sure about wot to do on the server side .Wether i have to
start the CVS in server mode or is there any settings required ?.

why i'm getting the error message . It will b very helpful if someone
also explains about the things to be done in the server side also
.Thanx to all .Expect to get reply from somebody who can help me .
Thanx and regards ,

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