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CVS sticky information ignored on import

From: Hamish Allan
Subject: CVS sticky information ignored on import
Date: 8 Apr 2002 09:13:01 -0700


I'm a newcomer to CVS so please forgive me if the answer to this
question is obvious. I have tried to find an answer in the FAQs and
the Cederqvist but without success.

It seems to me that if a file is marked as binary or tagged in
CVS/Entries in a sandbox, e.g.:

/noodle.jpeg/1.1/Mon Apr 8 16:39:14 2002/-kb/TNOODLE_FINAL

when 'cvs import'ed to a new repository, the resulting version should
be tagged and registered as binary, so that when you 'cvs checkout' it
again the resulting sandbox has the same binary/tag information.

However! This doesn't happen for me. I am using a straight 'cvs
import' with no extra arguments, and a straight 'cvs checkout' to get
the file back. I think it's the import which is losing the
information, as the file 'noodle.jpeg,v' makes no reference to
'NOODLE_FINAL' and the line just before what seems to be the binary
contents of the file reads 'text'. Incidentally, this is also the case
if I explicitly try to import the file '-kb'.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I appreciate that I might be
able to get it to work by putting *.jpeg in my cvswrappers file but
I'd like to know whether I'm missing something fundamental.

thanks in advance,

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