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Re: PROPOSAL: Addressing the list's spam issue:was: [GB2312] ±ÜÃâåeÎóµÄ

From: Matt Riechers
Subject: Re: PROPOSAL: Addressing the list's spam issue:was: [GB2312] ±ÜÃâåeÎóµÄÍâÙQÐÐäN·½Ê
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 15:35:25 -0400

R P Herrold wrote:
> Proposal: I propose to undertake to offer to moderate. If so
> designated, in moderating, my moderation will initially
> consist of turning on the option to catch and hold, pending
> discard, all non-subscriber posts.  I seek to manage held
> posts at least daily, often a couple times during the day (a
> subscriber's posts would continue to go straight thru ...)
> All HTML, non-English (within the bounds of non-English
> speakers' good faith efforts), and spam will be silently
> discarded.  Posters who post non-conformant meeting the
> foregoing criteria will be silently unsubscribed.
> Qualifications: I manage/moderate and admin several local
> lists, and moderate/admin the rpm-list over at Red Hat
> -- "CVS developers" -- How say you?



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