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Backtracking on Branch? Please Help!

From: Brian Sharpe
Subject: Backtracking on Branch? Please Help!
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 00:16:15 +1200

Hi You Guys.

Does anyone know how I can backtrack to a date on a branch?   

I'm in a pickle right now...
I've been working on a branch for a while, now
I want to resort back to a date on that branch.
But I find I can't backtrack to a date on a branch!!???

I can only do it on the Main Trunk, which is not what I want.. ;-(
I can kinda do it with revision numbers.
But this is insanely tedious, even for 1 file.
And I'm working on a project with about 600 files.  
So this is not an option for me.

please help?
Thanks HEAPS guys

Brian Sharpe.

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