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Re: repository orgnization

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: repository orgnization
Date: 8 Apr 2002 22:55:40 -0400

In <address@hidden> Joi Ellis <address@hidden> writes:

>I manage a CVS repository which I've used to store all of my projects
>for the past two years.  Recently my manager asked me to migrate this
>repository from my own workstation over to a company server so that
>everyone in our Engineering group can use it.

>I use JBuilder with my CVS repository, and the structure I have is simple:
>  CVSROOT/module1
>  CVSROOT/module2
>  CVSROOT/module3
>  ...

Commit and release all your sandboxes and change that to


Add entries in your CVSROOT/modules to reflect the change:

    module1     leave_me_alone/module1
    module2     leave_me_alone/module2

You should be able to 'cvs checkout module1' exactly as before.

>The guys are migrating code from an ancient SourceSafe server into my
>repository, and they are building a tree-structure with their stuff:

>  CVSROOT/Engineering/Libs
>  CVSROOT/Engineering/APi
>  CVSROOT/Engineering/Firmware/i386
>  CVSROOT/Engineering/Firmware/strongarm

Ok, so now copy your CVSROOT/leave_me_alone/ tree to *their* CVSROOT,
add the entries in their modules file, and away you go.

The basic function of the modules file is to specify named subtrees
of the entire repository.

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