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Re: why does wincvs show all files as modified

From: Doyle, Jim
Subject: Re: why does wincvs show all files as modified
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 14:49:46 -0400


This is a follow-up to an old thread about WinCVS showing files as "locally
modified" when they haven't been changed in the working copy.  

We're using WinCVS 1.2 on Windows NT, solely using the CVS client bundled
with WinCVS.  Our working copies are only managed through the GUI.  No
command-line checkouts or anything.  

Shortly after the Daylight Savings Time switch (I'm in the U.S.), I got the
all-locally-modified problem that others have described.  I checked the
timestamps in the CVS/Entries file, and they seemed somewhat strange.  Most
of them had the correct UTC time, but some seemed to be off by an hour.
After doing a "status" on the directory, these incorrect timestamps all
changed by an hour, to the correct UTC time.  So I'm experiencing the same
daylight-savings timestamp bug already described in this thread.  The
problem is clearly not the timestamp of the file on disk, nor how WinCVS
interprets the timestamps, but the checkout or update that initially sets
the CVS/Entries timestamps.

The main thing I wanted to point out to the newsgroup is that taking the
"status" of the directory is a very simple workaround, and it's what I've
recommended to our developers.  You don't have to change the WinCVS
installation or blow away your working copy.  Whenever I have suspicious
"locally modified" files in WinCVS, the first thing I do is "status" the

Jim Doyle

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