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Re: Ampersand module question

From: Jay Glanville
Subject: Re: Ampersand module question
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 13:44:15 GMT

"Martin Heinen" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 01:09:27PM +0000, Jay Glanville wrote:
> > When a module has an ampersand module as part of it's definition, the
> > ampersand module gets included in the root of the other module.  My
> > is: is there a way to have the ampersand module included in a
> >
> > For example, if my modules file looks something like this:
> >    amp1  amp1
> >    amp2  amp2
> >    mod  &amp1 &amp2
> > then when I do a:
> >    cvs co mod
> > I get a directory structure that looks like this:
> >    mod
> >    mod/amp1
> >    mod/amp2
> >
> > Now, is there a way to say that module amp1 should be included in module
> > and be placed in a directory called tools.  For example, when I do a
> > checkout of module mod, I get the following directories:
> >   mod
> >   mod/tools/amp1
> >   mod/amp2
> The -d option renames the working directory:
> | amp1 -d mod/tools/amp1 amp1
> | amp2 amp2
> | mod  &amp1 &amp2
> Module options are described in
> HTH,
> Martin

Thanks Martin.  It's a good start, but not all that I was looking for.  By
using the "-d" option, what I'm doing is "front-loading" the naming
architecture.  In other words, anytime I use module amp1, it will be under a
directory tools  (i.e.: "cvs co amp1" will result in "tools/amp1").  Another
example:  along with module mod is module othermod, which has a definition
of "othermod &amp1".  It will automaticly be placed in a directory called
"othermod/tools/amp1".  I may not want it there.

Is there a way to "back-load" where the ampersand module will be included?
For example, to be able to say that in module mod, include module amp1 in
the location mod/tools, and for module othermod, include module amp1 in
location othermod/loadbuild?

I suppose another word to describe what I'm trying to do is make a link to
another module.  In ClearCase parlance, I'd be making a link (at a location
of my choosing) to another vob (equivalent to a module).


Jay Dickon Glanville

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