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Re: About the SPAM

From: Shane McDaniel
Subject: Re: About the SPAM
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:08:34 -0400

No they only know that _his/her_ email address is real.  Though actually
replying to most spammers is fairly futile.  Either you give them info
about an actual addy or you just get a bounced message cause they spoof
their address.  I think I see why some ISP's just block off all emails
from certain countries now.  It's sad that a country that is advancing
like china is taking it's first real steps on the internet so poorly.


Ruprecht Helms wrote:
> On 10-Apr-02 Isaac Claymore wrote:
> >   According to my observations, almost all of the spam plaguing this list
> > come from China.
> Please don't answer spammers!!!
> So they know that this is a real email-adress.
> You only get more spam then before.
> >   And I hope I can help you list maintainers eliminate the spam.
> Much spam by maildownload is filtered out using maildrop in
> combination with razor. Sometimes there are 10 or more mails that were
> killed / not delivered to my mailbox.
> If you are good in defining maildrop-filterrules you can mail me
> a filterdescription to filter out mails with malformed charset and/
> or for german and english people unreadable subjectline.
> Regards,
> Ruprecht
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> E-Mail: Ruprecht Helms <address@hidden>
> Date: 10-Apr-02
> Time: 11:53:41
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