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Project Management and CVS

From: Witchman
Subject: Project Management and CVS
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 12:16:50 -0400

A couple of questions about CVS and Project Management; any input is appreciated.


  1. If a project is made up of several discrete modules, how do you coordinate a release that would incorporate bits from each module?  I can understand branching at each release in each module and tagging the last version from the previous branch as a release, but is that the only way?


  1. Can you somehow do a search on tags or something to pull a release together with one command rather than manually checking-out individual modules?  For example, if I have a project that incorporates several discrete CVS modules – and each part of the module destined for release 1.0 of the software package is tagged “Version 1.0 Software” is there some way I can use CVS to pull all the parts of the 1.0 release from the repository?


  1. Must I checkout an entire module, or can I check out individual files from a module – perhaps using reserved checkout on file_1 of MY_MODULE and letting others checkout file2 and file3 from MY_MODULE?




Michael Lawrie

Member, Technical Staff

Northrop Grumman - TASC


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