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RE: why does wincvs show all files as modified

From: Gary Bisaga
Subject: RE: why does wincvs show all files as modified
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 14:24:06 -0400

Ok, I'm confused. I'm having the exact same problem - since Monday morning,
after daylight savings time started, almost all my files show as modified
even though I have not modified them. And I'm using wincvs, Beta 4
(Local Build 3).

My understanding is that the "status" command is for displaying the status
of a directory and its files, and that it doesn't change anything. Maybe I
don't understand what "statusing" the directory means; I am fairly a newbie
with CVS/wincvs - only a few months. What I did was: click on the directory
to select it, pull down the "Query" menu, and select "Status". I get a huge
status list in the viewing window down bottom, but no changes to the file
system. Everything still shows as "modified". The CVS Entries files are

I must be doing *something* wrong, since at least two people say that this
will fix the problem. This is driving me crazy! Thanks for any and all

<>< gary

>Just fyi...we came across the exact problem that all files appeared
>modified" after the daylight savings time switch. And yes, 'status' is the
>way to work around this problem.
>Thanks for the detailed information on this WinCVS bug/problem.


> The main thing I wanted to point out to the newsgroup is that taking the
> "status" of the directory is a very simple workaround, and it's what I've
> recommended to our developers.  You don't have to change the WinCVS
> installation or blow away your working copy.  Whenever I have suspicious
> "locally modified" files in WinCVS, the first thing I do is "status" the
> directory.
> Jim Doyle

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