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wincvs up-to-date problem; cvs write-protection problem

From: Leif Hanack
Subject: wincvs up-to-date problem; cvs write-protection problem
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 11:19:44 +0200


i'm new to cvs and have a basic question!

i'm using wincvs136 as well as netbeans 3.3.1 to connect to a cvs

after i changed some files, update them and commit them the visualisation
inside netbeans is correct. but wincvs seems to have some problems. the blue
backslash is missing. i checked the file settings a detected, that not every
committed file is set back to write-protected. is this a bug? do i need to
modify some cvs settings?

thanks in advance, leif

Leif Hanack

T-Systems GEI GmbH
Advanced eBusiness Solutions (AeBS)
Alt-Moabit 91a, 10559 Berlin
Telefon: (+49 30) 394067-31
Telefax: (+49 30) 394067-99
E-mail:  address@hidden

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