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Re: Change versions CVS

From: Matthew Persico
Subject: Re: Change versions CVS
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 19:41:42 -0400

"Larry Jones" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> address@hidden writes:
> >
> > I am currently in version 1.2 of a file. I would like to force it to
> > version 2.1
> >
> > What should I do?
> Why do you care what the file's revision number is?  Revision numbers
> are for internal use only.
> -Larry Jones

Yes, but for those of us comming over from the dark side (PVCS in my case)
it is the first touchstone of recognition. I see this answer all the time.
It makes no sense to someone new to CVS. I have taken the time to put the
following text in a file, to be cut'n'pasted into future messages. Feel free
to copy it for same purposes:

You can commit to a specific revision with this command

    cvs commit -r rev file

However, as you increase your experience with CVS, you should really abandon
version numbers as a method of keeping track of releases and "versions". You
should "tag" each file you commit with a meaningful label. See the docs for
the tag and rtag commands and read ALL of Chapter 4 of the document "Version
Management with CVS" which comes with the CVS distribution. This is also
known and "The Per Cederqvist", after its author. Good luck.

If you were supposed to understand it,
we wouldn't call it 'code'

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