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Re: synchronizing local with repository

From: Nathan Coast
Subject: Re: synchronizing local with repository
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 19:45:48 +0100
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any chance I can have a look at your perl script for some pointers? was thinking of trying to implement it as ant tasks as most of the development is java based. I'll see how much success I have and then will probably give up and copy your work :)

Sebastian Maus wrote:

* Nathan Coast <address@hidden> wrote (20020415 18:23):

I'm trying to automate the following:

Commit all modified files.
Add all files present locally but missing from repository.
Merge all files (if possible) that are edited locally and on repository.


I wrote something like that, in Perl. runs "cvs update" and
reads its output, adds new files and directories, retrieves new files
and directories and furthermore manages conflicts. It can be run as a
cron job or even from a web interface. It runs in a production
environment and takes several hours in total each night (large
repositories). It is 25k in size.

If you want to write such a beast, Pascal Molli's CVS page will help a
lot. Perl is an ideal choice for this job due to its pattern matching

Good luck,

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