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RE: Managing multiple changes and branches

From: Ramón van Alteren
Subject: RE: Managing multiple changes and branches
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 13:06:40 +0200


>Our only requirement is that the enhancement code not affect the
>maintenance code, yet the enhancement code needs to be up to date with
>the maintenance code.  Did I make any sense at all?  How have other
>teams approached this scenario?

>From what I understand the most logical solution would be to branch of
maintenance at a releasepoint. Say you released the software at release 1.0.
Create a tag and a branch for maintenance.
Continue developing the enhancements on the trunk.

If important bugfixes are made on the branch merge the branche with the
trunk (this doesn't merge the trunk with the branch so the branch-code stays
unaffected) This way the enhancement-developers have the benefit of the
fixes made by the maintenance developers.

Before a new major release merge the branche with the trunk to get the
latest fixes, release the new version and start a new branch for

Hope this helps,

Grtz Ramon

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