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Re: How to remove a revision?

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: How to remove a revision?
Date: 15 Apr 2002 22:30:52 -0400

In <address@hidden> address@hidden writes:

>How can i remove a revision that is no more needed. For example, i have
>revision 1.15 of a file and i don't want see anymore this revision because
>it's absolutly unneccessary?

The safe way, if aesthetically lacking, it to re-commit a copy of 1.14
on top of 1.15.  Assuming the file has no uncommitted changes since

    $ cvs update -j1.15 -j1.14 file
    $ cvs commit        : creates 1.16, identical to 1.14 .

>So the last revision should be 1.14 and a later version should have 1.15

I think this works:

    $ cvs update -r1.14 file
    $ cvs admin -o1.15 file
    $ cvs update -A file

Warning: the cvs admin is irreversible.

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