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Organising tags for an automated build system

From: ram0n
Subject: Organising tags for an automated build system
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 16:52:13


I want to set up an automated build system for the java project I'm currently 
working for.
The project team consists of 4 to 10 developers, no-one is very comfortable 
with cvs. 
Nearly all of them are using wincvs 1.2. Cvs-server and deployment-server are 
running Solaris8 

The software consists of several interdependant modules which are under 
constant development.

Ideally I would like a system where a developer can tag a single submodule with 
a predefined tag 
so it enters the automated build and deployment system.

I need to build-deploy two sets of the entire project 
* The first set is based on a former production release,
        probably a weekly build-deploy
* The second set is based on the latest developments 
  and is used for integration testing of the different submodules,
         probably a daily build-deploy

The build-tool would be ant.

The part which isn't clear to me is how to organise the tagging for the 
daily build-deploy. 
If I use a date-based tag format like AUTOMATED-BUILD_{DATE}
I end up writing scripts that figure out which tag is the most recent tag
for every module.
If I use a general tagname like AUTOMATED-BUILD I think I need 
to remove such a tag before a new one is created ? Or does cvs automagically 
assumes that I need the most recent one ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Ramon van Alteren

P.S. Please reply to the list and not to me personally, it might get swamped.

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