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Re: CVS integration with Windows Clients.

From: Lee Sau Dan
Subject: Re: CVS integration with Windows Clients.
Date: 18 Apr 2002 09:04:31 +0200
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>>>>> "Gagneet" == Gagneet Singh <address@hidden> writes:

    Gagneet> Sir, I have been assigned a project for implementing CVS
    Gagneet> in our network.

Are  you sure you're  going to  _implement_ CVS?   I suppose  you mean

    Gagneet> I have been assigned the task of integrating CVS with the
    Gagneet> Windows clients.

What do you  mean by "integration" here?  In  the client-server model,
clients  and  servers  are   usually  loosely  coupled.   They  aren't
"integrated".  Clients just need to "connect" to the server.

    Gagneet> I have in my search come across WinCVS.  Is it possible
    Gagneet> to use a Linux Server with Windows client and implement
    Gagneet> CVS?

Why not  try it out yourself?  If  you've already got a  CVS server up
(you could  test it  from other Linux  machines first), it  would just
take 5 minutes to download WinCVS,  3 minutes to install it, 5 minutes
to try  it and  optionally another  3 minutes to  uninstall it  if you
don't  want  it.  Maybe,  reading  README or  the  web  page takes  15
mintues.  But together,  that's still far under 1  hour.  If you think
it doesn't  deserve your spending this  amount of time,  I don't think
you deserve being answered.

Remember, it  is you who HAS TO  deploy it.  You're not  just going to
talk about it in the air.  Have you even read the README of WinCVS, or
the  descriptions  on   its  web  page?   Or  do   you  have  problems
understanding English?

    Gagneet> I  would be grateful  if you  would help  me out  in this
    Gagneet> matter.

I  think you  can help  yourself.  And  it's better  to leave  this to
yourself, because you'll learn from this experience.

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