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CVS hangs intermittently

From: John S O'Sullivan
Subject: CVS hangs intermittently
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 11:55:19 +0100

I running CVS version 1.11.1p1 on cywin b20 (I am unfortunately locked to
this version of Cygwin). CVS uses a local repository on an attached network
It has been running for 2 months. In the last two weeks I have noticed a
tendency for CVS to hang. The behaviour is as follows. When you issue a cvs
command it will run but not will not complete.
for example:
cvs update: Updating hnc_config/bash
(Locally modified .bashrc moved to .#.bashrc.1.1)
U hnc_config/bash/.bashrc
U hnc_config/bash/

************* it hangs at this point. I hit control-C ******************
cvs [update aborted]: received interrupt signal

[1]+  Done                    /Development/Emacs/emacs-21.1/bin/emacs.exe
pp  (wd:
(wd now: /hnc-build)

The problem is intermittent, for example if I launch the command again it
could run to completion :

BlueCat:(76)/hnc-build\>cvs update -A -d -C hnc_config
cvs update: Updating hnc_config
cvs update: Updating hnc_config/bash

Even though it hangs it always manages to complete the required updates. The
problem is not particular to the update command, I have seen it with a range
of commands. Any ideas?

John O'Sullivan

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