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Re: cvs [commit aborted]: reading 'myfile': File too large

From: gabriel rosenkoetter
Subject: Re: cvs [commit aborted]: reading 'myfile': File too large
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:46:03 -0400
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On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 09:07:34AM -0400, Gustavo Delfino wrote:
> My text file has 605 lines and 396 columns of text, the size is 232k.

Where is the file 605 lines, and where is it 232 K?

If you mean that the checked-out copy is 605 lines and that the copy
in the repository is 232 K, that seems totally reasonable, provided
you've made a lot of revisions.

The whole point of a versioning system is that it retains
information about your previous versions.

(Go look at the file within the repository. Don't worry, you won't
break anything as long as you only read() it.)

gabriel rosenkoetter

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