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Re: how to "lock" repository during backup

From: Jesús M. NAVARRO
Subject: Re: how to "lock" repository during backup
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:28:25 +0200
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Hi, John:

John wrote:
But there has to be some type of listening process.  I have a cvs server
on XP, and there is a process that is listening on 2401. If I kill this
process, no one can make connections to the cvs repository.

Is this not the same on Unix?

Yes it is... somehow. 2401 is the well known port for the pserver process to listen to. The question is that in Unix environments the access to that port is usually controlled by a "metaserver" or superserver, usually inetd or xinetd. These "listen" for a lot of ports they are responsible for. Once a client connects with one of the ports they control, they pass through the connection to the underlying process (the cvs program, for one) so on that systems you usually don't "see" a process bound to that port except when there's an active connection in course.

I *think* the cvs pserver program it's most probably working as a "service" on your XP box. Then, if all your users reach the repo through a network connection the easiest way to block it is just stop/suspend the service for a while and start/resume when you're done.

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