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Re: how to "lock" repository during backup

From: John
Subject: Re: how to "lock" repository during backup
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 15:05:56 GMT

So let me make sure I understand.  And I'm sorry this is off topic, but
one day I might need to use Linux/unix to support a cvs server.

inetd is an application/process that is generic that the admin must
configure to say:
  open port 2401.  When you get a connection here transfer
  the connection to this process (cvs).

That's kinda cool.

John Seitz

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:28:25 +0200, "Jesús M. NAVARRO"
<address@hidden> wrote:

>Hi, John:
>John wrote:
>> But there has to be some type of listening process.  I have a cvs server
>> on XP, and there is a process that is listening on 2401. If I kill this
>> process, no one can make connections to the cvs repository.
>> Is this not the same on Unix?
>Yes it is... somehow.  2401 is the well known port for the pserver 
>process to listen to.  The question is that in Unix environments the 
>access to that port is usually controlled by a "metaserver" or 
>superserver, usually inetd or xinetd.  These "listen" for a lot of ports 
>they are responsible for.  Once a client connects with one of the ports 
>they control, they pass through the connection to the underlying process 
>(the cvs program, for one) so on that systems you usually don't "see" a 
>process bound to that port except when there's an active connection in 
>I *think* the cvs pserver program it's most probably working as a 
>"service" on your XP box.  Then, if all your users reach the repo 
>through a network connection the easiest way to block it is just 
>stop/suspend the service for a while and start/resume when you're done.

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