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unedit without edit

From: Richard Wesley
Subject: unedit without edit
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 07:03:37 -0700

Suppose someone is working off line and does the following:

- Unlock and edit some files;
- Connect to the server and do a cvs update
- Decide to throw out one of the sets of file changes and revert to the last

What is the command sequence for doing this? If the user had done a cvs edit on the file originally, then cvs unedit would presumably do what they wanted, but in the scenario I just described, they cannot do an unedit because they never did an edit. It also appears that doing the edit, followed by an unedit does not have the desired result.

Throwing out the file and just doing a cvs update on the file is probably not a good idea because a newer version may have been checked in. I suppose that they could update to the version in the CVS/Entries file, but that seems baroque and dangerous, and I'm not sure whether that would create a sticky tag. Not to mention being the sort of thing that casual users should never have to do.

Is there some command for ensuring that you obtain a clean copy of the version of a file that you are working on besides cvs unedit?


- rmgw

Richard Wesley           Electric Fish, Inc.       address@hidden

"To be whole is to be part; true voyage is return."
     - Ursula K. LeGuin, _The Dispossessed_

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