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Re: unedit without edit

From: Richard Wesley
Subject: Re: unedit without edit
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 08:19:51 -0700

Thanks for responding.

At 8:07 AM -0700 4/25/02, Noel Yap wrote:
--- Richard Wesley <address@hidden> wrote:
 > Is there some command for ensuring that you obtain a
 clean copy of
 the version of a file that you are working on
 besides cvs unedit?

"cvs edit" and "cvs unedit" are supposed to work even
when offline (the commands get buffered, then sent
next time you use CVS online).

Hmm, I need to figure out whether this detection is accomplished using the cvs gui clients...

To get a clean copy of a file, use "cvs up -C".

Does this functionality requires a particular server version, or is it local to the client? I suspect the latter (and the CvsGUI clients have this functionality), but I thought I should ask...

Also, does this cancel a cvs edit?  Or must that be done separately?


- rmgw

Richard Wesley           Electric Fish, Inc.       address@hidden

"No, no no.  'Eureka' is Greek:  It means 'This bath is too hot.'"
     - Dr. Who, _The Talons of Wen Chi-Ang_

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