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Disabling -n option to commit/rtag

From: George Schlitz
Subject: Disabling -n option to commit/rtag
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 12:51:00 GMT

According to the manual, the -n option can be specified in a commit, rtag,
export or checkout command, to avoid running ant checkout/commit/tag
programs.  As a CVS administrator, how can I completely disable use of this
option, or otherwise ensure that the these programs are -always- run?  I am
using programs run via admin files and want them to be run always- at least
on every commit and tag/rtag.



-n Do not run any checkout/commit/tag program. (A program can be specified
to run on each of these activities, in the modules database (see Section C.1
[modules], page 135); this option bypasses it).
Warning: this is not the same as the overall 'cvs -n' option, which you can
specify to the left of a cvs command!

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