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splitting CVSROOT/modules into multiple files?

From: Andreas Thalau
Subject: splitting CVSROOT/modules into multiple files?
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:38:58 +0200


is it possible to use more than one modules file in CVS? I would like
the modules file to behave like http.conf in apache using the "include"
directive. Example:

----------SNIP: CVSROOT/modules--------------

modulename modulename # this is an test module
Include modules.project1
Include modules.project2

----------SNAP: CVSROOT/modules--------------

----------SNIP: CVSROOT/modules.project1--------------

modulename1 modulename1 # testmodule1

----------SNIP: CVSROOT/modules.project1--------------

----------SNIP: CVSROOT/modules.project2--------------

modulename2 modulename2 # testmodule1

----------SNIP: CVSROOT/modules.project2--------------

If this is not available in the current version of CVS (where currently
using 1.11 on Solaris I think), will it be in future versions?

Andreas Thalau

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