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Re: Question about CVS on Windows NT

From: Nicolas PEZRON
Subject: Re: Question about CVS on Windows NT
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 11:23:15 +0200 (CEST)


finally, I have decided to use WinCVS as a client and
a server Unix as a CVS server
when I try to connet to the CVS server, I have the
following error :
"cvs login: authorization failed: server cidre
rejected access to /cvs/CIDRE/ for user int"
I don't know how to configure the passwords
there is a menu in "Admin" which is "WinCVW" and there
is a place to put the folder for the passwords
I don't know what to put here
thank you very much for you answer


--- Matt Riechers <address@hidden> a
écrit : > Nicolas PEZRON wrote:
> > 
> > may I stock Windows files in my CVS tree on Unix
> or do
> > I have to use a version of CVS for Windows ? (I
> tried
> > to see for WinCVS but if I can use CVS on Unix, it
> > will be better for me)
> If it is easy for you to get at files on the UNIX
> box from Windows, then
> you don't necessarily need WinCVS. In that case, you
> should make sure
> that your Windows editor doesn't change the file
> line endings to DOS
> format. If that's a big problem, you might be better
> off with using
> WinCVS.
> > I have also heart about cvs on windows but with a
> unix
> > cvs server, how does it work ?
> -Matt 

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