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Appropriate use of CVS for final executables

From: Arcin Bozkurt
Subject: Appropriate use of CVS for final executables
Date: 26 Apr 2002 09:57:38 -0400

Should CVS be used to stored the executable that is generated at the end
of a build process under a special directory, say release/ ?

Some people argue that, just like CVS is able to store source files and
attach versions to these files, we should store "ALSO" the final product
(a library or executable, etc) in CVS and link them with the same "tag".
This way, they argue, any one who wants to go back to back and try an
earlier version of a module, can just checkout an earlier version of the
module and access the executable (or the library whatever)..

Is this approach sound?

This is suggested by people who has used Clearcase and/or MKS. 

Another supporting argument they have is that is is not always possible
to reproduce the same executable shipped to a customer exactly as it is,
due to many reasons.

My questions are :
1) Can CVS nicely handle binaries? If yes OR no, can you pls giev some
technical detail how?

2) Is the suggest approach of storing the executables a correct SCM
practice? - People have argued that this is what they have done, AND
they clearly needed to this that way. Doint otherwise, were creating
many more problems.

Comments / feedback greatly appeciated.


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