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Re: how to "lock" repository during backup

From: Ben Kial
Subject: Re: how to "lock" repository during backup
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 06:10:36 GMT

But to make it really safe, I guess I will have to make sure there is
no outstanding CVS sessions that are already started before I try
to imposed the "lock" (through the writers file), right??


"Robert J. Clark" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> On 23 Apr 2002 11:38:01 -0700
> address@hidden (Ben Chang) wrote:
> > I wrote a ksh script to back up (tar then gzip) the repository. Does
> > anybody know how I can safely "lock" the entire repository for the
> > duration of my backup? Most of the CVS users are on NT and are using
> > :pserver to connect to a Solaris CVS server box. Below is some info
> > about my setup.
> >
> > OS: SunOS 5.7
> > CVS: 1.11.1p1 (client/server)
> Hmmm. I guess the hard way would be to read up on CVS locks here:
>    <>
> and add a couple of hundred lines to your script.
> I would go for a quick hack instead:
>     Create a file called writers in the CVSROOT directory that contains
>     only the user id of the person doing the backup. This will prevent
>     write access to anybody not listed in that file. Once the backup
>     is done, remove this file.
>     <> for details
>     the readers and writers files.
> - Rob

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