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Re: File Locking with CVS

From: david
Subject: Re: File Locking with CVS
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 16:34:07 -0500 (CDT)

> My manager won't let me use CVS with concurrent versions of files.

That means CVS is not really suited for your needs.  If you are doing
normal software development, you will find that concurrency works,
regardless of what your manager says.  It will solve many more problems
than it creates.

  I need
> to have the file locked when I edit the file (cvs edit) so that no one else
> can do a 'cvs edit' until I either do a 'cvs unedit' or a 'cvs commit'.
> This would be similar to the way SCCS and RCS work.

CVS was a deliberate departure from RCS and SCCS in that regard.

  However, I also need
> some of the advanced features that only CVS can provide.

Decide which need is more important, and use CVS or something else on
that basis.

  I have looked at
> the perl script that is available, however, it looks like it will allow
> multiple users to edit a file but only one person can do a commit.  My users
> didn't like that idea.  We only want someone to be allowed to do a 'cvs
> edit' if the file is not being edited by anyone else.  Please help . . .
You could write a perl script that would take a file name and do
a "cvs editors" on it.  If there were any, it could list who is
editing the file and end, and if there were none it could do a
"cvs edit".  You might find something useful in the "cvs edit -c"
patch in the Renegade CVS Sourceforge project, but I don't have the
URL, Sourceforge's search isn't working right now, and I don't
remember exactly what it does.

David H. Thornley                        | If you want my opinion, ask.
address@hidden                       | If you don't, flee. | O-

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